Zigzag is a fictional creature featured in The Thief and the Cobbler.


Zigzag is a tall man with blue skin (though whether this is a direct result of his wizarding ways is hard to tell, as many humans in the film have oddly-colored skin) and six fingers on each hand, each finger having an extra knuckle. He possesses minor magic powers, such as conjuring bolts of light and small, generally harmless demons. He is also capable of speaking to animals, including alligators. However, he is more of a magician than of a warlock, making his power appear much greater than it truly is with parlor tricks of all kinds. Perhaps as a way to make himself appear wiser and more mysterious, Zigzag always talks in rhyme.

Zigzag was the Grand Vizier of King Nod, an apathetic old man whom he skillfully manipulated, making him effectively the ruler of the Golden Land. After being denied the hand of the King's daughter, Yumyum, however, Zizag turned to the barbaric One-Eyes, believing them easy to manipulate and use for his own ends. However, the One-Eyes' army was defeated. The traitorous wizard attempted to flee but was eaten by the One-Eyes' trained alligators, helped by Zigzag's own much-abused familiar Fido, a giant vulture.