Erklings are a fictional sapient species seen in the Harry Potter series.


Erklings are a species of elves, presumably related to Redcaps and House-Elves. They live in the German Black Forest. Unlike the benevolent House-Elves, Erklings never joined wizarding society to any degrees, preferring to live in small communities in the Black Forest. Erklings have nothing but contempt for humans, and have been known to capture children (whom they entice with their friendly nature — most notably their incredibly harmless-sounding laughter) and eat them. However, the German Ministry of Magic imposed a strict control over them in the 20th century, greatly reducing the number of such incidents.

Bavarian ErklingsEdit

In the video game adaptation of the Harry Potter series, a group of Erklings were featured, having been smuggled into the Hogwarts Greenhouse by Barty Crouch Jr posing as Mad-eye Moody. They were not conventional Erklings but a "creepier" subspecies known as Bavarian Erklngs, with even longer noses than their normal counterpart, dark skin, glowing eyes, and tree-like horns on their bald head.