The Adhene are Manx fairies, also known as Cloan ny moyrn which means Children of the pride or ambition.

In Manx folklore, fairies are fallen angels that were exiled from heaven along with Satan.

When they fell, they rained down from heaven in a thick shower that lasted for three days and three nights. They live in the earth, the air, and the sea, and that is where they will continue to live until the Judgement.

They are not small like English fairies, they are shy, and most of them are female. You can see them playing in waterfalls and dancing on the tops of mountains. They are beautiful, and mischievous, but mostly benevolent, however there are those who are more sinister than most.

The malevolent fairies live apart from the others in caverns, heavy fogs, and other dark places. They delight in causing misery but it is believed that they cannot harm a person on an errand of mercy.

If you find yourself walking in the night on the Isle of Man and you don't happen to be on an errand of mercy, the old legends recommend that you chant this prayer "Saue Jee mee voish Cloan ny moyrn." (God save me from the Children of the pride.)